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Inventor and entrepreneur Dr. Ing. Horst Grochowski, developed and patented world’s first dry waste gas purification process based on active carbon in counter flow. This WKV-technology is now known as CSCR® (CSCR = Carbon Selective Catalytic Reduction).

With hard work, continuous development and attention to detail at every step WKV succeeded to establish its technology across the borders of Germany and finally across Europe. Since the mid 1990’s plants were built in Japan. Afterwards the technology gained attention in Korea and Taiwan as well as mainland China where it  contributes its part to the “Blue Sky” initiative.


Licensees of WKV-technology include:
– Babcock (Germany) (license for cross flow tech.)
– Uhde (Germany)
– Integral Eginneering (Austria)
– Mitsui (Japan)
– NKK (Japan)
– Ebara (Japan)
– Hitachi Zosen (Japan)
– Daido (Japan)
– Hyundai (Korea)
– Samsung-Corning (Korea / USA)
– Handan Iron and Steel(China)
– Ansteel Iron and Steel Group(China)
– BaoWu Iron and Steel (China)
– Sino-Steel MECC(China)

Thanks to trustful and targeted handling of licensees and end customers, as well as firm technical leadership, the WKV-technology has recently established itself in China.

WKV-technology is being used wordwide in a broad range of industries, such as:
– Power plants
– Steel plants
– Cement plants
– Incinerators for household waste
– Sewage sludge incineration
– Incinerators for industrial waste
– Chemical industries
– LCD glass melting plants
– Ammunition disposal

On top of Dr. Grochowski’s success story itself stands the fact that his grandson Eddy-John Franziskus, who is also an engineer, joined the company. Currently he acts both as process engineer working further on the company’s technological progress and as a co-managing director.







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